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How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

how to achieve your fitness goalshow to achieve your fitness goals

What to know How to Achieve your Fitness Goals? “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” —Pablo Picasso



Beginning with the end in mind is a key first step in goal setting. If you are the programmer, write the program, says goal expert- Stephen R. Covey. Goals help us to focus, and the quality of our attention is enhanced by a having a goal so fun and interesting that we can’t help but make it a success. Let’s say, you want to organize your workspace so that everyone is inspired to do their best work. The in-between steps: such as ergonomic concerns & planning comfortable lighting, by themselves can seem mundane, but joined together they form a larger accomplishment which will appear more of an achievement. Fitness is the same; you must start off putting basic parts of a plan together. Before long you will feel and also see improvement before your very eyes. Focus on success & keep in mind how you want things to end up. Soon enough you’ll be successful.

— name the accomplishment

— give your goal a title

— Identify the schedule for what needs to be done by when

— how would you like things to end up.

— identify the positive reasons for pursuing the goal



Define greatness, challenge your limits, double the goal, or try something new. These are just some of the sentiments that put our plans into action and move us towards revolutionary results. Look around and see the very essence of regular activities being tested and re-imagined. Examples could be schools re-defining Physical Education by bringing in activities ranging from kickboxing to more unusual offerings like tai chi and yoga. Raising the bar on a project can simply mean taking one extra step, having an allegiance to a weird idea, or devoting to a regular practice. Commit to a goal in a meaningful way, personalize it & make it your own, and then watch an otherwise sleepy project wake up and give way to a new found energy, creativity and distinction. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

— double the goal

— challenge the limits

— create a regular practice

— raise your standards, values or beliefs

— make it a game



Sometimes a goal deserves a break. TIME magazine reported that after 8 hours of sleep you’d be more than twice as likely to find a shortcut for solving a problem. Suggesting that taking it easy is good for the brain, and what’s good for the brain is good for the overall psyche and soul. Are you doing too much, not getting nourished and being exhausted? Well, perhaps its time to consider another path. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Pick up a book written by an expert, join a group that’s geared around your project, sign up for an informational newsletter, or ask someone to buddy up & help. For instance, if I was writing a fitness plan and struggling with a self-imposed deadline, I could simplify my goal by breaking it up into smaller deliverables. Another over-looked shortcut is to consider smaller steps. The smaller the increments, the easier the goal. Deng Ming-Dao, writes in EVERYDAY TAO, An inch in one direction, then an inch in another already makes a span of 2 inches. Gradually we can improve on that. Go the path of least resistance; it’s a gift of energy and you will eventually find how to achieve your fitness goals.

— don’t reinvent the wheel-find someone who’s done it before

— slow down or change the pace

— keep to minimum daily standards

— write all plans down, so you don’t forget.

— the smaller the increments, the easier the goal

Overall remember to stay positive and keep consistency in what you are doing.

Hope this helps and happy training!


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Wikipedia: Goal Setting

5 Ways Alcohol Will Ruin Your Muscle Gains

5 Ways Alcohol Ruins Your Muscle Gains5 Ways Alcohol Ruins Your Muscle Gains

Most people have heard the phrase beer belly, however, in fact, it should probably be alcohol belly. When following a healthy regime alcohol can be more detrimental to your training than most people think. It’s important that you understand how alcohol is impacting your progress on the way to a healthier lifestyle. We decided to look at 5 ways alcohol will ruin your muscle gains.

When people decide to commit to pursuing a healthy lifestyle, one of the most common questions asked is ‘does drinking alcohol affect the muscle growth process?’ Unfortunately, the answer is yes, too much alcohol will almost definitely have a significant negative impact on your training results. Alcohol is more harmful than a lot of people think, and it’s important that people understand how alcohol is affecting their progress. This isn’t an anti-alcohol article as we to enjoy a glass of wine with the occasional dinner out. If you’re serious about achieving a new level of fitness, then you should be aware of the 5 ways alcohol will ruin your muscle gains and fitness progress.


1) It negatively impacts protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis is the process by where amino acids are joined together to form complete proteins. When alcohol is consumed excessively, it slows this process down by up to 15%. A person’s muscles are made up of protein so you can probably see how this is a problem.


2) It lowers testosterone levels.

The most critical muscle-building hormone in your body is testosterone. Studies over the years have shown that alcohol can rapidly impact the level of testosterone in a person’s body. One of the main limiting factors that determines how much muscle a person can gain is their level of free-flowing testosterone.


3) Alcohol will cause faster dehydration.

A person’s kidneys must filter large amounts of water to break down alcohol. This can result in severe dehydration within a person’s body. Water plays a vital role in the muscle-building process. Being even slightly dehydrated is a recipe for disaster. A person’s muscles alone are comprised of 70% water so make sure you stay hydrated at all times.


4) Alcohol reduces the level of vitamins and minerals.

Excessive alcohol consumption causes vitamins A, C, the B’s, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus to all be drained from the body. Vitamins and minerals keep all the little process in your body functioning correctly. Many of these processes involve muscle growth and maintenance.


5) Alcohol increases fat storage.

Alcohol, with seven empty calories per gram, can be very fattening. Alcohol also disrupts the Kreb’s Cycle (see the link below), which plays an important role in fat burning.

We think It’s important to have fun in life or what is all this training for in the first place. If you’re really serious about achieving significant muscle-building and fitness results, then you definitely need to monitor how much alcohol you consume. Make sure that you are consuming alcohol in moderation. A few alcoholic drinks here and there shouldn’t be a problem, but if you find yourself drinking every weekend or during the week then you can pretty much kiss your hard work and muscle gains goodbye.


Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder or athlete, then we don’t recommend revolving your entire life around your muscle-building program. Don’t be worried about going out and having a good time with your friends and to have wine over dinner. Make sure to limit your drinking nights to being infrequent and to properly hydrate yourself to lessen its negative effects when you do go out. As long as you monitor what you’re doing you can achieve an impressive physique and have a social life at the same time.


Kreb Cycle – Wikipedia link here

Looking for more tips? Check out 5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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