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Dumbbell Exercises for Beginners

dumbbell exercises for beginnersdumbbell exercises for beginners

Many people starting an exercise routine don’t know where to begin. We put together a short list of a few simple dumbbell exercises for beginners to try. Everyone has to start somewhere so we’re going to outline the basic lifting exercises that you can start with just some basic dumbbells.

When you’re a beginner starting out on an exercise routine, the main aim is that your weight training must lay a solid foundation for the future. Over time you will be able to build your body and increase the intensity of workouts. There are so many complex components to a successful gym and health regime; here we’re going to focus on the basic weight training movements to get you started and on the road to success. Over time you’ll need to bring together all the elements that impact a healthy routine such as nutrition, recovery and of course choosing the right gym exercises is crucial. For this article, we’ll outline the dumbbell exercises that will enable beginners to start to develop the general strength and body conditioning needed to then progress to more complex levels of weight training.

Initially, beginners should aim to complete three sets of ten to twelve reps. After several weeks, when you’ve developed sufficient control and basic strength, experiment with one set of seven to ten reps to failure. This lifting to failure will maximize your muscle growth and give you the motivation to move on to the next stage of development. After 6-8 weeks you’ll likely find that using these limited pieces of equipment is restricting. In a series of later articles, we will be putting together a more complex muscle boosting training program that utilizes other equipment to take you to the next level of your training. For the first month, get to work with these exercises so you can start to build a base and get used to working your muscles. Feel free to e-mail or contact us through the site if you have questions.

Start your routine by training three days per week. Train body parts on the following schedule and with rest days between each day:



Apply this schedule in your dumbbell exercises for beginners program.

Day 1 – Biceps, Triceps, Back, Abs. We like to train the antagonist muscles such as biceps/triceps on the same day.

Day 2- Hamstrings, Quads, Shoulders,

Day 3 – Chest, Forearms, Abs




The basic dumbbell exercises for beginners below:

SHOULDERS: Upright row, military dumbbell press.

FOREARMS: Concentration curls (rest your arm on a bench).

TRICEPS: For beginners, we would recommend tricep overhead extensions done with a single dumbbell.

CHEST: Dumbbell Bench press. Bench press will also work shoulders and arms, especially the triceps.

BICEPS: Standing curl, Hammer Curl.

LOWER BODY: Squats. Squats are by far the best leg exercise. Once you progress to a barbell and squat rack, you will start to see yourself make exciting progress.

Good luck training and let us know how it goes!

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